Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Current W.I.P.s

Pretty discouraged as of late when it comes to music, as my headset only plays from one ear and the built-in speakers on my ASUS is not even worth trying. In addition I can't bring myself to dedicate a large amount of time EQing a song, knowing that I'd have to redo it anyways when I finally get a proper pair of studio monitors. With these problems I've accumulated a pretty large backlog of unfinished tracks that have yet to see any work for the past couple of months, along with a huge amount of songs not yet started

I'm helping a few local friends on tracks for their mixtapes, figured I could post the previews to those until I 100% complete them

Sample Source: Here

This sampling style is my favorite and the one I'm most comfortable with. This one has a couple sections already made, but it needs better transition and an alternate section that differs from the ones I already have. I couldn't tell you what I heard in the original song to get this lol

Sample Source: Here

I started this one as a joke to show this guy who made the funniest song I've ever heard(lol), but I never actually met him(and he doesn't know I exist) since he didn't show up to the tournament he planned to attend, but the track ended up getting interest from a different person and they asked for a full version. I have a couple sections and some pretty good transition, but the EQing needs a lot of work that I'm not willing to put in right now

Sample Source: Battleraper Lava Stage

Please don't ask how or why I even did this, but the original song was actually pretty hot so I didn't have much trouble producing this. The actual song doesn't use much of the sample, the meat of the track composed of original sections. Like the others, EQing this track is whats stopping it from being complete


Not much to say about this one, I've got a lot of really good sounding sections but I'm having trouble putting them together. When it comes to my originals its more of a hit or miss kind of thing when it comes to ease of composition, usually it'll take a good amount of time for me to feel out where I want the track to go

I'm stuck in the ugly place where I'm more than just motivated to work on music, especially with the new ideas I have for original non-hiphop tracks(more RPGish, ambient-sounding). I just can't see myself doing any serious work though with my current setup, since anything I make now will literally become obsolete as soon as I replace this headset. $400 for a pair of Rokits? I might be stuck with no work for a while

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