Thursday, July 21, 2011


Gonna have a large sum of money tomorrow, and when that happens I usually take care of a multitude of small neccesities at once. I've pretty much got my list of purchases which'll almost entirely clear the money pile, save for about 30%. Right now I'm mostly contemplating whether I should finally purchase the MM! OST, which I've wanted for a long time now

MM! itself was a pretty generic anime, standard harem anime with lackluster twist that ultimately had nothing to write home about. However the OST, which has at -least- 40 tracks, is filled with addicting pocket tunes composed by the same person who did DBZ SFX. I'm not sure why the soundtrack hasn't appeared on the internet, especially since literally every other piece of sound media related to MM! has lol

Anyways, the OST is something close to $50 and can only be purchased from an online import shop. Obviously wanting the OST for listening purposes, the main reason behind my want being that the sampling potential for a bulk of the songs is through the roof. I can't help but want the songs in high quality for me to mess with in any way I like, to create cut and spin in a new direction not originally intended. The only reason why I'm even giving the purchase second thoughts is the fact that I still don't have my setup 100% working yet. Getting the music would just be a bigger tease than not having it at all, knowing that I can't get to work on the samples. At the same time, I feel as though I can only go through with such a purchase when money is abundant. With paycycles that yield less income, I'm more inclined to holding onto whatever income I have(which means less impulse buying).

So I pretty much wrote an entire blog entry about being indecisive on a $50 purchase while on the train to work. I'd post samples of the OST but I'm not at a PC so it'll have to wait. I'll probably decide what I'll do as I check my to-buy list off during the week, seeing how much money I have left over


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