Monday, August 15, 2011

Luh luh luh luh maximum!

I haven't seriously listened to anything recent and mainstream in a really long time, until today after downloading the new Meek Mill mixtape. Meek is one of the local philly dudes that's been getting mainstream exposure lately, I mess with him so I had to get the tape and see what it was about. Before this the most recent album I had was Khalifa's Kush n OJ, before that was Hell on Earth by Mobb lol

Sitting down and hearing this mixtape really opened my mind up to the stuff I'm missing from my current productions. I mean the beats on this tape are super generic, even with 10 guys producing each beat manages to sound the same. That doesn't matter though because each one comes off super hot and clean, with that good sound you can't help but get hype over. I've got this insane feeling inside of me that just wants to go to work for a week straight and come up with some flame, to finally make the progress I've been trying to make for the longest now. I'm very much content with my own style and the sound I generally produce, but now I've got so many answers to the holes I've been trying to fill

This is what I needed

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