Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The Reboot

I haven't used this blog for a good amount of time now due to not having much to talk about, along with a big hiatus in music leaving no content to post.


I've got a lot of exciting things going as of recently that would severely benefit from logging/documenting in a public environment, with input and criticism being great side perks to the entire picture. Through this blog I'll further organize my thoughts by, well, just using it! As for what the content will be? Three main sections:

  • Certification training
    • I'm currently pursuing a number of certs for my job-field using self-study as the method of learning. I'll be making blog posts every so often explaining whichever topic I happen to be on at the time, in order to help retain information(while teaching the random visitor something new!)
  • Music
    • The original purpose of this blog was to have a place to think out loud for anything music related, with updates on my music and current projects. I will continue to use the blog for this purpose, but there will be less "listen to this" and more "this is what planning to do"
  • Game design/development
    • I have two *somewhat* secret projects I'm currently messing with on my freetime, one being a fighting game and the other an RPG. You won't see much of either in the beginning, but as I get further along the process you'll see more content start to pop up
Along with any other random things I find significant to post, this is what you can expect out of the revived Casio Country. I'm slowly going through reworking the template to suit the new content I'll be posting, but for now enjoy the newly added poverty progress tracker and Soundcloud widget!

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